Jesus Christ is real, alive, powerful and extremely interested in YOUR life. GOD heals you & loves you more than any lover can do: Jesus frees you of addictions, (self-) hate, sins, panic, egoism, a guilty conscience, loneliness, emptiness, curses, depression, a painful past - everything that isolates and enslaves you. Jesus Christ gave everything for you personally: He died for you on the cross, so your life-trash called sins died there with him. You (we) should be on that cross but Jesus did it for YOU and God accepted this action. YOU are forgiven and just have to accept that by simply speaking to Jesus - He is listening right now being the truest gentleman - waiting at your door, coming in only when you allow: Ready to speak? Lock your room, sit / kneel down & speak out these words in an completely honest way:

"Jesus Christ, You know me better than my mother does: I am hurt and I have hurt others and especially you because of ignoring you until today. You died for me and my wrongdoings, so that I can live - Forgive me all my egoism and sins. I invite you now to come into my life. Take me - I belong to you. Set me completely free of all addiction, curses and pain. You are my Lord and saviour from now on alone. Lead me, I will follow. I trust your perfect plans for me. Thanks for forgiving and accepting me as a child of God forever, in Jesus' name. Amen!"

How to find God Finding Peace and Jesus Christ 1

The next step: After praying Jesus shows himself to you by quickly giving you a new heart, his Holy Spirit, complete freedom and his inner peace. Jesus takes you & your prayer extremely seriously and transforms you everyday into a lovely, busy and unselfish human that loves everything that God loves and that hates what God hates like lies, cheating, gossip, self-destruction, etc. His Holy Spirit lives inside you and his soft voice and the Bible give you orientation every day. Jesus will speak to You; and you communicate with him daily because you are in a love relationship with him always and forever - it is a love story that will never end and even endure death because Jesus has promised: "I am the Way, the Truth and the LIFE!" (John 14,6 - A lovely Bible passage btw - Check out).

Jesus is your life assurance, your reliable lover and buddy, your Lord, your creator and provider, your lawyer, your protector, your mate who lets you eat the last bite making you happy & joining your good and tough times - always as a team. New believers find it useful to grow and develop by making friends with local church groups and communities that also love Jesus and take the Bible seriously: This book is God's Word and while reading you at once feel and understand God talks to you personally. God always uses the channel that you understand best. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide (Muslims, Agnostics, Traditional Christians, Atheists, Buddhists, Satanists, New Age Followers, etc.) have seen, heard and experienced Jesus Christ and how much he loves, cares, frees and heals them.

How to find God Finding Peace and Jesus Christ 3

Summary: Jesus is NO religion, NO ideology. Jesus is a relationship - a real love relationship with God Almighty and Creator of all, who gives you the most fulfilling peace, love and rest. If you accept Jesus, whom he send as your saviour and healer, then your search is over - you are at home - You feel, know and understand in all your cells, nerves and senses that he is all you need and have always searched and longed for. Jesus works 100% every time, at all places, with ALL PERSONS. He has never failed or disappointed a person. He sticks to his promises and what he tells you will be reality. Test him, get to know him authentically ... and fears of death, hell, emptiness, depression, meaninglessness and loneliness disappear automatically! Get to know him ... he is ready and waiting for YOU to hug you! All in all, how to find God, real Peace and Jesus Christ right now? Speak to him just where you sit or stand or kneel - He is listening and wants to heal and set you free. He gives peace, forgiveness, freedom and love of God you have always searched for. Test him and get to know him just right now.

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